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A return to Apartheid type tyranny?

Reading the comments of minister Minister Siyabonga Cwele in News24 brought back so many memories of how the stupid National Party tried to hide so many truths to the South Africa public, which in those days were the "white public" and they dearly fell for it.

Minister, stop lying!  No one will believe that type of bullshit unless you are completely uneducated or a moron.  We as sane South Africans can no longer keep quiet and accept this type of nonsense being played about in front of our eyes.

If we do, we have no right to our citizenship in this country.  We will become just as complacent as when the National Party rammed various pieces of legislation through parliament to get Apartheid implemented since 1948.

It does not matter how the Government wants to sugar coat this law, it is a big FARCE! It is the first step in carving away at those rights that so many people died for, and many of them were ANC members. 

Any person who supports this law has something to hide. What has happened the past week in passing this piece of legislation in parliament can only be described as a complete disgrace and slap in the face of all those victims of apartheid. The ANC has become the National Party! No wonder they merged with them a few years ago, which in itself was such a disappointing and repulsive act. 

South Africans, please be aware - this is a typical first step in a government taking away those rights that many people died for. Every citizen has the obligation to object to this in the strongest sense and reject this legislation in its entirety. 

We said never ever again, but now, it is starting again. 

WAKE UP South Africa, the public response to this from the general public has in fact been exceptionally complacent.

This government needs and exceptional strong message: YOU ARE THE SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE, not the other way around. You WILL listen to the PEOPLE, and YOU WILL RESPECT OUR Constitution. 

If you don't, you are out, and if you cling to that power, you will be forced out with what ever means the citizens have to take. But we will NOT go back to where we came from. 

People have the power, we need to realise how quickly we can use that to facilitate any form of change.

Take part in every opportunity to demonstrate your opposition to this new pending law.  Be brave enough to ignore the consequences of breaking this law by demonstrating civil disobedience.  We just cannot allow this to happen, and we have to fight this at all cost.

Ignoring this, and just be complacent about the fact that it happened will have dire consequences for us all in the future.  Every person has a duty to stand up and fight for these rights that so many other people died for.

Go forth, protest and disobey!



Koos Brits

Couldn't have said it better. Well done! It is time for "the people" to take responsibility. We need to realise that "the few" (politicians) are still oppressing "the many" (us). This is not a call to anarchy, but a call to responsibility where the people govern the people - true democracy!

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