A return to Apartheid type tyranny?

Internet Censorship limits Free Speech - full stop!

Globally the governments of most countries are now really getting ridiculous in trying to censor the internet. The only reason why this is happening is because ordinary people now have a voice, and that voice is powerful.

The Internet can help to change perceptions, it can open the minds of many where they previously have been denied this information.  Ordinary People now have access to information and they can make change happen.

Often such a change will result in a change of government. This is actually the true reason why now on a global scale there is this push by many governments to introduce legislation that will limit access to information.  They do not want ordinary citizens to have real power.  They started to realise that freedom of access to information and knowledge will change our world and often those governments that are trying to enforce many forms of censorship.

We see this being implemented in many different ways, but the end goal is to control information and what people can get access to.  We have seen how social media and the internet facilitated the "Arab Spring" and very soon there was a renewed urgency, especially with Western Governments, to implement new legislation.

I believe that we are at the beginning of the end of the current status quo, the current world order, in what way the world works and functions, the way we see different countries, social and economic systems.

The Internet is connecting people now in such a way that the world has become borderless, where the policies and norms of many countries and governments are being questioned.

This is a change process that has started, and will continue gradually and gain momentum over the next few years.  Many governments will try their best to stop this from happening but eventually this change in the world order will just be too strong.

This gives one great power to think that ordinary people will change the world.  At the end our society should become a knowledge driven world where the racial, social, cultural, religious and political differences are irrelevant.  There should no longer be these ridiculous causes through country, religion and race that people are being manipulated to die for. 

Go forth, imagine with love and you will change your world.


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