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It is not often that I have an afternoon free. Today I have the day off, well sort of.

One of my employees here in Tanzania has his graduation ceremony today. I have been invited, but I know it is for the photographs I will take this afternoon. Not that I mind at all. It gave me a good excuse to get out of my hotel room.

While waiting for things to get going I made my self at home at Mlimani City's Samaki-Samaki hangout.

This place has an unbelievable relaxed atmosphere. It is going to take a lot of effort today to get back to my hotel.

A large part of the restaurant area is made from these local wooden carved kayaks converted into tables. Chairs are made from palm tree stumps.

Then there is the food. They really do take their time but it is worth the wait. Mostly seafood and always fresh. I had fish here before and it was out of this world. As I did not had a proper beef ham burgers in weeks, I decided I will try one this time around.

Although predominantly a fish restaurant, they may make burgers. A more tasty and finely grind meat patty I have not had before.

My thumbs up for Samaki-Samaki. So if you ever make it to Dar Es Salaam, make sure you schedule at least one lunch or dinner here.



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